Why Lifting Weights is Healthy and Important For Your Fitness

For some, a “Work out” is considered just running, but it is really important and healthy for an individual to lift weights too to help maintain or develop a balanced fitness level.

Lift some weights!

I recently read an article that explains the benefits one can receive from adding weight lifting into their workouts and it is essential for people to know them.


  1. You can lose 40% more fat- according to studies, it is common for people who lift weights to lose more fat. People who only run or do cardio tend to lose not only fat, but muscle as well.
  2. Your clothes will fit better- With more fat burned clothes will feel better on you.
  3. You will burn more calories- lifting weights can burn more calories than running and increase you fitness level.
  4. You will be happier- from lifting weights improvement in your anger and overall mood can happen. This can make your heart a lot healthier.
  5. You can improve your stress levels- blood pressure goes back to normal faster and the body carries less levels of stress hormones.
  6. Stronger bones- bone growth is known to occur with resistance training.
  7. Get into shape faster- you can lift for a shorter amount of time than you would run to burn the same amount of calories. It saves you time.
  8. Healthy heart- people who have lifted weights regularly have decreased their blood pressure by 8 points.
  9. More productive- research has shown that production level increases on day that you exercise and lift weights.

10. Can live longer- research shows that total body strength is linked to a lower risk of death from cardio arrest as well as cancer.

Factors That Play A Role In Your Hunger And Health

Many people today, like myself, are constantly finding themselves hungry all of the time. I have recently come across an article that provides information about what could be making us hungry and they are important to understand in order to live a healthier

Why are you so hungry?

Why are you so hungry?

life. This is what I got out of it.

Factors that keeps us hungry:

1. Drinking Too Much- Studies have shown that drinking too much alcohol can lead to an increase of the hormone ghrelin, which is a hormone that has the ability to make you feel hungry

2. Watch Too Much TV- Watching TV can make you feel hungry and scientific studies have shown that people who are watching TV tend to have High-Calorie and Unhealthy foods.

3. Not Enough Sleep- not getting enough sleep can lower hormone levels of leptin which controls how full you feel and increases levels of ghrelin which makes the body feel hungry.

4. You See Too Much Food- everyone has at least seen some form of food and felt extremely hungry after seeing it.  It provokes mental responses and can push the body to overeat and become more hungry.

5. Eating With Friends- Eating with friends has a bigger effect on you hunger than you think. People tend to copy the eating behaviors of their friends and that can also lead to eating more or becoming more hungry. If your friend got a milk shake at a restaurant would you get one too?

6.Skipping Breakfast- according to studies, skipping breakfast increases your chance of obesity by almost five times. Skipping meals can slow down the body’s metabolism and increase fat storage in your body.

7. Inhalation of Food- eating your food too fast also can effect the body. Eating too fast decreases the ability of the brain to send message to your body that say your stomach is full. Eating too much occurs from this as well.

8. Buying Small Snacks- When you buy small snacks they often come in small packages too. Because of this many people decide to eat more of them and makes it hard for you to feel full.

9. Work Stress- stresses at work, increased pressure, and feeling overwhelmed also impact your eating habits. These factors often lead to people eating more food than they normally would.

10. Diet Soda Addiction- if you have an addiction to sugar substitutes like diet soda it could make it easier for you to become overweight. Sugar substitutes can disrupt the brain and its ability to control how much food your body needs to take in.

The Basics of How to Build an Instagram Community

For anyone who is discovering how to use Instagram and how to create a community within it, I have come across a good article/posting about 3 key components that should use to do so. (The article can be found here: http://socialmediatoday.com/craigpsmith/866781/3-key-components-building-instagram-community).This is what I took away from it:

To create a network of followers these are important things you should do:

1. Use Hashtags- it is a great way to gain followers and have them look at your media. Using them can help you find other people who post things similar to you.

2.Be Active- on Instagram it is essential to maintain your presence within the network. You need to post regularly and make comments to gain followers

3.Promote your Instagram- you should promote your Instagram through a variety of other social meadia networks that you use. Such as Facebook and Twitter


Getting News From Mobile Devices Is Becoming More Popular

There used to be a point in time a while back where people would get most of their news from picking up the morning paper and reading it, but technology has changed the way we receive our news and is making it much easier to get. I read an article about a study that was performed about how we get our news and I thought it was interesting. It says that around 31% of individuals get their news from tablets and other devices, but of course the article goes further in depth. Personally, I get all of my news on a mobile device or tablet and many others are starting to do that as well. Here, take a look for yourself. http://www.eweek.com/mobile/tablets-smartphones-increasingly-used-for-news-pew-research/